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Livestock Gentec Conference

Livestock Gentec Conference

I spent the last week in Edmonton at the Livestock Gentec conference.  Theme of the conference was “Turning Information into Application”   Topics ranged from Genomics Tools for Whole-herd Improvement to Understanding the Carbon Off-Set market in Alberta.

One of the most interesting speakers was Fernando Antonio Perera, from Agroceres, a Brazilian agricultural company.  He highlighted the many opportunities of agriculture in Brazil, the one thing holding Brazil back is infrastructure.   His speech was followed by dinner at Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse.  If you have never experienced meat Brazilian style, give it a try.

There were several talks on how to use information to increase the profitability of the industry,  from both cow calf and feedlot prespective.

As with all conferences, the value is not so much in the information presented, but in the connections you make during coffee breaks and dinner.

Check this article out on the value of collecting information.    Adopting genomics:financial beneftis for Alberta beef producers

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