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Deep experience meets innovative thinking

In 1970, we began rounding up the best cattle producers, scientists and beef industry influencers to develop the Beefbooster concept. This mix of a deep, hard-won understanding of what makes a great bull, paired with innovative animal science, has kept us at the forefront of research and development in the bovine sector for over 30 years.

We’ve had to overcome some long-standing ideas about how you breed and choose bulls, but our perseverance paid off. Today, we’re recognized as the top supplier of hybrid bulls in Western Canada. Plus, we have a mountain of data proving the success of our scientific approach to raising the most efficient cattle.

The result: hybrids that let you earn more with less effort

At Beefbooster, we don’t guess. We test. Here’s our process:

Select genetically superior individuals – only a small percentage of our calves qualify as seedstock.

Breed the strains to enhance certain characteristics depending on the goals of our customers.

Apply our exacting testing process and carefully record the data of our bulls to ensure the hybrid strains improve year after year.

Six ways beefbooster improves the efficiency of your herd

At Beefbooster we use new technology to help ranchers identify cattle that are more efficient in their feed use.


High feed efficiency means an animal gains weight with less feed – a benefit that returns four times as much to your bottom line versus a better ADG.


Yield is higher because guts and internal organs weigh less.


High feed efficiency can take 10% off cow herd costs without affecting weaning weights – a benefit that goes directly to your bottom line.


High feed efficiency cattle produce less manure, less methane and other waste. Those are big benefits for the environment.


High feed efficiency means you can produce cattle using less feed, so your returns are better – no matter where feed markets go.


Beefbooster uses new technology to help ranchers identify cattle that are more efficient in their feed use.

Beefbooster testing employs next generation genomic tools

Beefbooster continues to be at the forefront of developing the tools and systems needed for success in the new cattle industry. Here are ways we’re leading the industry:

Optimizing Feed Intake Recording in Beef Cattle

Beefbooster along with industry partner Thorlakson Feedyards and Livestock Gentec at the University of Alberta are conducting an ALMA funded project to develop a new Standard Operating Procedure for capturing feed intake and efficiency data for beef cattle using GrowSafe feed intake recording systems.

The goals of the project are:

  • Accelerate genetic improvement of beef production making it more efficient and sustainable.
  • Reduce per head testing costs allowing more animals to be fully evaluated.
  • Reducing the number of days animals are in expensive facilities need for measuring feed intake.
  • Incorporation of pen-level feed intake information into genetic evaluation to enhance the accuracy of all animals for selection.