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Bull Test Station

Net Feed Efficiency

We use sophisticated computer programs to determine which Beefbooster bull calves are suitable to be sent to our test station for post-weaning evaluation. Our thorough testing process means you get the best bulls when you buy Beefbooster.

Our test station evaluation criteria include:

  1. Scrotal circumference
  2. Testicular tone and consistency
  3. Back fat
  4. Structural soundness
  5. Semen quality

  1. All bulls are evaluated for comprehensive gain and breeding capacity
  2. Heifer and maternal bulls are tested for 70 days to determine their growth potential
  3. All Beefbooster bulls are tested for 40 days on the Growsafe System for net feed efficiency
  4. Temperamental bulls with poor dispositions are culled


All Beefbooster Bulls are tested for Feed Efficiency. Read More

Strain M1 M2 M3 M4 Tx
Number on Test 65 27 86 142 35
Average Birth Date 05-May-16 11-Apr-16 21-Apr-16 06-Apr-16 13-Apr-16
Average Birth Weight 92 90 67 95 101
Average Wean Age 180 216 192 191 187
180 Day Weight 518 600 404 576 553
On Test Weight 516 682 540 649 603


Energy Level Med Med Med Med High
Average Off Test Weight
Average Test Weight Grain
Test ADG
Average SC
Selection Index $ Value
Test DM Conversion

If you have questions about our test station processes and procedures please contact us.