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Increasing Profitability Through Predictability – The Advancements of Using Data in Cattle Production

Increasing Profitability Through Predictability – The Advancements of Using Data in Cattle Production

As a rancher, nobody knows your cattle better than you – at least it used to be the case. Today’s successful cow/calf producers are applying their hands-on knowledge and tapping into leading-edge data that are providing a deeper knowledge of their cattle from the inside out, and as a result, advancing their business of cattle production.

It is true that technology is revolutionizing the way we farm, but as with most in the industry, there is an awareness of the availability of data – just a lack of understanding of its capabilities: What do you do with it? How do you make it work for your operation?

To start with, data needs to work for you and support the goals of your operation, while perhaps simultaneously realizing new opportunities for efficiencies and opportunities. At Beefbooster, we have successfully put our innovative and scientific data to work for ranchers for over 30 years. We work alongside producers with a goal to help both support the needs of their individual breeding programs and herd refinement, developing hybrids that earn more, with less effort. When it comes to bull selection, we engage an exacting testing process where individual bull data are measured to ensure the hybrid strains continually improve year after year.

As a rancher you might not always be able to predict the weather, but through the use of data you can improve predictability when it comes to your cattle. Our data are leading to proven results, helping producers raise more efficient cattle sustainably, with higher returns and lower costs by taking the guesswork or ‘chance’ out of breeding programs through the identification of genetically superior animals with breeding strains that enhance desirable characteristics and herd goals.

Using these next generation genomic tools, we are also able to identify cattle that are feed efficient – those that require lower inputs and reap higher gains. These identified data traits in feed efficiency generate four times the returns to the bottom line versus average daily gain (ADG). In fact, high feed efficiency can take 10% off cow herd costs without affecting weaning weights.

Perhaps one of the most significant advancements in this data is its role in supporting the sustainability of cattle production. With feed and gain efficiencies comes lower manure volumes and methane production, leading to best practices when it comes to on-farm environmental sustainability for today, tomorrow and the future.

Although change and the rapid pace that technology is evolving our industry can be overwhelming, it is throwing the gates wide open for advancement in cattle production, giving us the tools and insight to grow our industry – from the inside out. At Beefbooster we are excited about what this means for cow/calf producers. These are exciting times.

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