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Beefbooster Bred Females for Sale

Beefbooster Bred Females for Sale


If you are looking to expand you herd, then you need to check out the Beefbooster Bred Females up for sale on November 6, 2013.  Sale to be held at the Fort Macleod Auction Market at 1:00pm.

If you unable to make it to the sale but would like to place a bid contact:  Darren Shaw  403 601 5165

Antelope Butte Ranch

55 head 3 & 4 year old cows

46 head black and black brockel face

8 head red

Bred to M1 Bulls.  Bulls turned out June 1- July 10


M1 Cows

M1 Cows

Daryl Carlson

13 Red Brockel Face M2 Heifers

Bred to Red M3 bulls.  Bulls turned out June 19-August 20



M2 Heifers

M2 Heifers

For more information on the sale.

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