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Why Choose Beefbooster

Why Choose Beefbooster


Improved hybrid conception rates

High fertility means most cows calve within a three-week period.


Increased net feed efficiency

High feed efficiency means you produce cattle using less feed, so your returns are better – no matter where feed markets go.


Simplified herd management

Calves from Beefbooster-bred heifers need less attention. Of Rancher Jerry Holtman’s 68 heifers bred by Beefbooster, 67 delivered calves without any help at all..


Increased vitality

“Getting into a bigger operation like ours, you need something exceptionally trouble free that also pays off in economics. That’s Beefbooster.”
Peter Gross, Pincher Creek Colony, AB


More vigor in newborn calves

Beefbooster breeders are committed to the traits that make an ideal cow – the ability to calve without assistance and to raise a calf on her own.


Longer production life

Beefbooster uses DNA technology that allows us to improve the accuracy of Estimated Breeding Value (EBV) from an early age.


More predictable profitability

Beefbooster has always used economic selection indexes to weigh traits according to their economic importance. This provides a way to balance selection of traits affecting profitability. Updated indexes will incorporate phenotypic information (birth weight, weaning weight) with genetic marker information from DNA collection. We are also developing carcass EBVs from data from the BeefInfoXchange (BIXS).