BIXS: the Beef InfoXchange System

BIXS is an innovative Internet-based national beef supply chain database. It is built to capture and exchange data linked to an individual beef animal’s unique electronic ID tag number – known as the CCIA (Canadian Cattle Identification Agency) tag or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag.

This valuable database includes seedstock, cow-calf and feedlot production, health genetic and performance data. Participating packing plants also provide detailed individual carcass data.

End-market intelligence for better production and marketing

BIXS brings end-market precision intelligence to producers who now know the kind of beef they produce and how to focus production and marketing efforts to hit specific marketing targets. This breakthrough system enables direct communications across the supply chain – from producers to feedlots and packers seeking exact supply specs to meet distinct market demands.


The ability to track and share individual animal production, performance, health, genetic and carcass data will help improve efficiencies at the ranch feedlot and processing levels. It will also lead to more precise targeting of beef for specific domestic and international market prospects and increase the overall quaity of beef.

Cow-Calf Producers

BIXS enables cow-calf producers to showcase their operations, cattle and protocols to other BIXS beef chain participants at the feedlot, marketing and packer sectors. This is a powerful tool for marketing beef to retail and restaurant/food service sectors on an individual animal and carcass information basis.

Access to BIXS via Beefbooster

Beefbooster will be acting as a “third party” to facilitate easy access to BIXS information for our customers. The BIXS Third Party Authorization and Consent form is required for BIXS to comply with federal and personal information protection legislation. This form authorizes the exchange of personal information and animal information between the third party you appoint on your behalf, BIXS and the Canadian Livestock Tracing System operated by CCIA. The third party must be approved by you to act on your behalf with the CCA-BIXS.

BIXS Information Sharing. Click here to download the current BIXS information sharing agreement.
BIXS Terms and Conditions. Click here to download the current BIXS Terms and Conditions
BIXS Personal Information Protection Policy (PIPP). Click here to download the current BIXS PIPP
BIXS Third Party Provider. Click here to download the current BIXS Third Party Provider authorization form.

BIXS registration

Click here to download the current BIXS Registration Guide.
The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) led the development of BIXS as part of the Canadian Beef Advantage (CBA) program, which is focused on the branding of Canadian beef for domestic and international markets. For more information visit BIXS.